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A long time fitness enthusiast (his main hobby when he’s not founding and managing leading edge technology companies), Fabrizio has managed to combine two of his greatest passions. If he starts talking about his great workouts take a seat; it’s going to take a while.

Fabrizio Colciago (CEO)
After graduating with a law degree and starting a season-long (3-month!) career as a lawyer, Ely realized he’d rather help build and promote awesome products, which he proceeded to do for several startup and global companies.

Ely Maspero (CMO)
Marco was born in the postal mail age, and has never been truly comfortable there. He started coding as a child and never stopped. Looking for technology solutions is his forte and, according to his wife, his only interest.

Marco Braga (CTO)
The best business card his fitness club could hope for, Mauro is a mild-mannered Sergeant Hartman (Full Metal Jacket) and a successful manager who set his club as a benchmark for the wellness and fitness markets.

Mauro Barbieri (Business Development Manager)
Alessandro is very opinionated about gadgetry or anything technological. We don’t know his opinions on other subjects because he’s THAT focused. The word “fitness” will earn you an annoyed gesture – unless he is designing an application for it.

Alessandro Vergani (Software Director)

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We have all set foot in a club at one point. Not many have stayed and trained with the perseverance and commitment necessary to get clear and satisfactory results. At Thinkerly, we know that tears and sweat require motivation, engagement, and group play aimed at improving the physical condition and providing the best possible personal wellness. We design optimal solutions to help fitness professionals make their clubs more enjoyable and motivational in order to drive club members with fun and competition so they can improve performance, keep their weight under control, and enjoy a healthy and energetic lifestyle.


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