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Uptivo provides a wide range of solutions to help fitness club members
achieve their targets at the club, outdoor, and home.

Uptivo BASIC

Real-time heart rate monitoring

Uptivo Basic is the optimal solution to get started! All you need is an Uptivo Bridge connected to an HDMI display and you are ready to make workouts at you club more professional and engaging than ever. Uptivo Basic requires NO monthly or yearly subscription fees, and even works without an Internet connection. Uptivo relies on cardio frequency to monitor both individual and group training sessions in your club. The training effort is directly related to cardio frequency and enables comparisons of people’s efforts regardless of individual age and physical shape.

Uptivo - Monitoraggio in tempo reale

Uptivo CLOUD

The complete solution for fitness professionals

Upgrading from Uptivo Basic to Uptivo Cloud is quick and easy. Uptivo Cloud deploys the best tools for a professional and engaging management of your club members’ workouts. Targeting the training to members’ age and fitness level, motivating them with rankings and medals, creating a cohesive social group with an active community by sharing targets and progress on social media: these are just some of the advantages that Uptivo provides to make your Club an exclusive fitness environment.

Uptivo BELT

Triple choice. No compromise.

The Uptivo Belt is a unique heart-rate monitor. With support for standard communication protocols ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, and with 5.3 kHz analog transmission, it is the ideal choice for heart-rate-based effort monitoring. Group training and workout classes, training with the club’s analog equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines), or individual and group outdoor sessions: no matter the form your exercise takes, the Uptivo Belt is your training partner, with no compromises.

Uptivo Belt

Uptivo Trainer App

Uptivo Trainer

Your ideal workout partner.

Uptivo Trainer, an app for iOS and Android tablets, is a great tool to help trainers at your club and personal trainers in their daily activities. The app helps your staff to configure the entire Uptivo system in a few steps and allows you to take your individual and group fitness activities outdoors.

Take your classes outdoors.

The Uptivo Trainer app is a powerful tool for helping to setup individual or group (up to 16 participants) training sessions in the open air. The app monitors and displays the duration, heart rates, calories, HR training zone splits, and more. At the end of each session, all individual and group reports are available to trainers in order for them to review the training results and to compare individual performances.

Sign up your members in a few clicks.

The Uptivo Trainer app provides intuitive and immediate functionalities for managing club members and personal clients. It displays an updated list of all club members and allows you to pair ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart heart-rate sensors to their accounts quickly, either via a wireless scan of club’s areas, by leveraging the sensor proximity to the app itself, or – for supported heart-rate sensors – by adding the sensor ID to the user profile manually.

Uptivo App



Uptivo App can be integrated perfectly into your club’s ecosystem as a personal tracking solution for members who are willing to test their limits or who are in need of additional training activities to reach fitness targets set by their trainers.

Pick the heart-rate belt of your choice.

Whether members prefer to use the latest generation 3-in-1 heart-rate monitor Uptivo Belt or a standard Bluetooth Smart sensor, the Uptivo App is their perfect training partner at home and outside. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Monitor personal workouts.

The Uptivo App monitors club members’ training activities and workouts outside of the gym so that members can adjust the intensity of their training sessions to achieve their fitness targets. The Uptivo App displays the heart rate, the time spent in different training zones, the calories burned, the distance, the speed, and the training pace.

Uptivo App
Uptivo App

Upload your training activities to the Cloud.

Uptivo App automatically synchronizes each new workout to the user’s personal account on Uptivo Cloud, allowing users and their trainers to review progress via weekly and monthly statistics, as well as providing detailed reports for each training session.

Check your journal.

Users can review past training sessions on their personal Uptivo App! All it takes is a quick browse through the calendar to find the session of interest and they can review the duration, the calories burned, their average and maximum heart rates, as well as many other parameters to verify their achievements and progress.